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Product Care


Once you receive you cutting board its important to care for it properly. End grain cutting boards specifically have a distinct quality but they also need to be cared for properly to ensure longevity.

It's important not to submerge the board fully in water as end grain cutting board have the ability to soak up and retain water. This could result in the board warping or cracking.

After using the cutting board wipe off any food particles or juices. Rinse and wipe the board with warm soapy water to remove any stuck on food particles or juices. When wiping the board do not use any steel wool or hard abrasive sponges as it may scratch or dry out the board. A sponge or soft bristle brush may be used gently to clean the board.

Once the board has been cleared of food particles and juices, dry the board with a towel and make sure it is stored in a well circulated place to ensure it dries properly.

For a deeper clean on the board lemon juice and coarse kosher salt can be used. Sprinkle the coarse salt across the board then cut a lemon in half and rub the lemon across the board to. The salt will act as an abrasive to lift any stains or heavy stuck on food from the board. Once completed follow the steps above rinse the board off with warm water, pat dry with a towel, and ensure its stored in a well circulated place.

Depending on the use of your board, it is also important to re-oil it. A food safe mineral oil can be placed on the board and spread evenly with a soft, clean cloth. After several hours, wipe or blot off any excess oil.


Plant stands and furniture we have listed on the site are finished with a food safe, eco friendly oil capable of penetrating deep into the wood grain to prevent minor scratches and slight changes in humidity.

If damp or moist items such as cups, glasses or items that emit large amounts of steam are left on the furniture for an extended amount of time, they may leave a water ring on the surface of the furniture. The finish that is used is water-resistant but can be susceptible to water damage. If the product gets wet, it is important to wipe it dry as soon as possible to prevent staining or warping.

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