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Welcome to The Frame and Finish, we're happy you made it and since you've made it to this page we'll make the assumption that you navigated here from the home page, but if not, let us reintroduce ourselves. 

We are a small scale, family owned and locally operated woodworking and residential design and drafting company. You might be thinking - woodworking and residential design, how did these get meshed together? With an education background in architectural technologies, experience working directly in the construction industry, and a woodworking hobby handed down from previous generations - put this all together and you have us - The Frame and Finish.

We are proud to provide a variety of small scale woodworking projects for sale to the public. If you'd like to take a look at some of the projects we have completed or the items we have for sale please take a look at our product and shop pages! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

When we're not busy working in the shop, we're busy working on design and drafting projects. We think all spaces should work for you and we know that sometimes things can change. Whether that be downsizing, upsizing, upgrading or reconfiguring we are always here to help. With a comprehensive background in residential design our aim is to help you design your space from a conceptual idea to an area you will fall in love with.






With a background and education in Architectural Technologies I began the frame and finish with a dream to enhance your already loved home into a more functional, livable space and to help educate you on the processes and procedures of renovations projects. With more than five years experience in the residential building industry I want to provide the best experience possible to all my clients. No matter how big, or small the project is, I am always here to help!





With a background in cabinetmaking and woodworking handed down from generations before and experience in the construction industry, Myles is the frame and finish shop foreman. Paying close attention to design and detail Myles makes sure all our woodworking products are hand crafted with the utmost quality.



Office Assistant

With superb skills in napping and playing, Lily is our prized office assistant. She provides great company and valued opinions on the projects we work on (that is when she isn't sleeping).

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